Teeny Tiny Birthday Party Theme

For Isabel's 7th birthday, we embraced her love of the miniature and had a teeny tiny birthday party! To give credit where credit is due, it all started with a nifty party set by Martha Stewart that we bought at Michael's, which included tiny invitations, mini part hats, cups, and plates, and even teeny little goody bags. We bought a few bunches of mini carnations and gathered them in little teacups for a centerpiece. And we planned a menu of tiny foods, including:
  • Mini bagel pizzas
  • Teeny pigs in the blanket
  • Lilliputian Oreos and Ritz Bits
  • Itty-bitty cups of Ben and Jerry's ice cream
  • Tiny cupcakes and a mini birthday cake
Finally, we compiled as many miniature items as we could for our teeny loot bags:
  • Mini magic markers
  • Tiny post-it notes
  • Baby sized Goldfish crackers
  • Teeny Tootsie pops
It was truly hard to tell whether the kids or grown ups had more fun in planning and throwing this party. A highly recommended theme!

Mini-tent fetish

Mini tent fetish, originally uploaded by margaretgouldstewart.
What is it about the mini-tents that stores like Target and REI have on display? They are so tiny and cute. Maybe it goes back to our childhood fascination with the miniature; think Polly Pocket, mini tea sets, etc. As children, it's comforting to have tiny versions of things; it makes us feel big and powerful in a world where we are regularly told we are small and powerless.

Or maybe they are just tiny and cute.

Maker Faire 2009

I was delighted to attend the Maker Faire preview, thanks to my friend Stuart Gannes, who works with the Maker crew. I brought my friend, Maggie, who'd never been before. I knew it would rock her world because she loves crafts and she loves geeks. For those you aren't familiar with the phenomenon that is Maker Faire, I often describe it as "Martha meets MIT", or "Like Burning Man, but everyone has their clothes on." In any case, here are some photos I took, and some even better ones by Maggie.


Bathroom math, originally uploaded by margaretgouldstewart.

I was at a school supply store buying chalk for our giant chalkboard wall when I came across this graphically hot Pi chart. There were other school room posters equally alluring, so get thee hence if you want to find cheap art AND brush up your math skills (or grammar, or history, or foreign language)....