Teeny Tiny Birthday Party Theme

For Isabel's 7th birthday, we embraced her love of the miniature and had a teeny tiny birthday party! To give credit where credit is due, it all started with a nifty party set by Martha Stewart that we bought at Michael's, which included tiny invitations, mini part hats, cups, and plates, and even teeny little goody bags. We bought a few bunches of mini carnations and gathered them in little teacups for a centerpiece. And we planned a menu of tiny foods, including:
  • Mini bagel pizzas
  • Teeny pigs in the blanket
  • Lilliputian Oreos and Ritz Bits
  • Itty-bitty cups of Ben and Jerry's ice cream
  • Tiny cupcakes and a mini birthday cake
Finally, we compiled as many miniature items as we could for our teeny loot bags:
  • Mini magic markers
  • Tiny post-it notes
  • Baby sized Goldfish crackers
  • Teeny Tootsie pops
It was truly hard to tell whether the kids or grown ups had more fun in planning and throwing this party. A highly recommended theme!