Mighty Junior Life Lists: Isabel, age 7

If you thought Beatrice's list was brilliant, get a load of her youngest sister Isabel's life dreams. There's something so lovely about hearing my child express what she wishes most for, especially since I can help her do something these before her 8th birthday! The Giant Squid might be a challenge, but I think we can arrange the "bun with a chopstick" thing, no problem!


Ride a unicorn.

Bathe in Jell-O.

Enter YouTube world and visit the pink and purple ponies from Charlie the Unicorn.

Meet Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

Become a fairy.

Swim with dolphins.

Travel to Paris with my mom and try snails, go shopping for berets, and see Monet's paintings.

Be Sunny (our Golden Retriever puppy) for the day.

Email JK Rowling.

Write a Betty and Veronica comic book.

Learn how to scuba dive.

See a giant squid without getting hurt.

Get wet from the splash of a whale's tail.

Play the flute.

Be a cheerleader.

Meet the real Wonder Woman.

Build a miniature boat.

Be a singer and actress.

Dye my hair pink (or blond).

Have two hamsters, three cats, a dog, and four chickens.

Work as a veterinarian.

Learn how to skateboard.

Be good at horseback riding.

Be able to do the splits.

Learn to put my hair in a bun using a chopstick.

Learn to cast a magic spell.

Outlaw the "cheese touch" (from Diary of a Wimpy Kid).

Paint my room pink with rainbows.